Sikkerheds problem i Joomla

Der er blevet fundet et kritisk sikkerheds problem i Joomla. Det gælder for alle versioner siden 1.5.3.
Hvis du benytter Joomla, anbefaler vi at du hurtigst muligt får opdateret den.

Du kan læse mere om problemet her.


Switching to the new mail server

New mail server:

Webmail Address:

To use the new mail server with other mail programs on computer/phone/table you need the following settings:

IMAP Server

IMAP Server:

IMAP Port: 143


IMAP Username: Your Email address

IMAP Password: Your Email password


IMAP Server:

IMAP Port: 993

IMAP Security SSL

IMAP Username: Your Email address

IMAP Password: Your Email password

Outgoing Server:

SMTP Server:

SMTP Port: 587


SMTP Username: Your Email address

SMTP Password: Your Email password


SMTP Server:

SMTP Port: 465

SMTP Security: SSL

SMTP Username: Your Email address

SMTP Password: Your Email password

Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003:

1. Start Outlook

2. In the Tools menu select E-mail accounts

3. In the new window select Add a new e-mail account and press Next



4. Select IMAP and press next



4. Enter your name and Email address and in Login Information User name you enter you email address and password, and Server information both Incomming and Outgoing server you enter


5. Press “More settings”

6. In th new windows press the “Outgoing server” tab, in this tab you should select “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication


7. Press the “Advanced” tab.

8. Enter 993 in Incoming server (IMAP) and set “The Server requires a encrypted connection”

9. Enter 465 in Outgoing Server (SMTP) and set “The Server requires a encrypted connection”


10. Press ok and your done


Configuring Thunderbird:

1. Start thunderbird

2. Right click you mail account and select Settings

3. In the new windows select Server settings.

4. Find the old “Server name” and “Connection security”


5. Change Server name to and Connection security to STARTTLS


6. Next change the outgoing SMTP Server by clickking Outgoing Server and Edit for the account


7. Change the settings to:

8. Servername to

9. Port: 587

10. Connection Security: STARTTLS


11 and press ok and ok And you should now be using the new mail server.


WordPress pingback attack

A problem with the WordPress pingback function has been found. This problem makes it posible to use the sidte for a DDOS attack on other WordPress sites.

If you do not use the pingback function there is multible ways to disable it.

  • You can go to settings and uncheck “Allow link notifications from other blogs”, this will not remove the pingback from existing post, so you have to edit the existing posts manualy.
  • Rename the xmlrpc.php file in the root of the WordPress installation.
  • Add this to your function.php file:

    add_filter( ‘xmlrpc_methods’, function( $methods ) {
    unset( $methods[‘’] );
    return $methods;
    } );

    This will disable pingback on all posts.

You can read more information on the pingback problem here.



29. May ecw03 data loss

Our server had a disk crash around  20:00 the 29. May, resulting in data loss from that time to 8:15 the 30.

We apologies for the problems.



webmail on ecw01 is upgraded.

We have upgraded the webmail to the latest version, with fix for profile editing and other fixes.


New EscapeCloud site

We  is pleased to launch our new website.

On the site you will find product and support information. We will also try to keep you op to date with status and updates on our systems.